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Iconic Nurburgring closed due to naughty graffiti

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Nurburgring's naughty graffiti (Photo: Sam Preston, @sampreston)

Germany's legendary Nurburgring motor racing circuit was shut for several hours after naughty pranksters defaced the track with some, er, interesting graffiti.

The unknown Banksy wannabes snuck onto the circuit late on Saturday night and created a giant willy on the iconic track's notorious Brünnchen corner.

Police estimate that 20 litres of paint was used to produce the massive member mural, which appears to have been a criticism aimed at a Danish driver using the circuit at some point.

The Nurburgring is unusual among the world's most famous racing circuits since fans are allowed to pay a nominal fee - currently as little as £20 - to drive around it in their own cars. It has earned a reputation as Mecca for petrolheads, who regularly take their cars around the famous 14-mile Nordschleife loop which played host to the German Grand Prix until 1976.

The drivers who turned up on Sunday were left disappointed, however: with the paint still wet on the track, police had no option but to call in a paint stripping machine to remove and dry out the road surface, an operation which apparently took several hours.

Nobody has yet come forward to claim responsibility for the stunt. But we presume that, somewhere in Denmark, there is a motor racing fan who almost ran one of the locals off the road and is being sent a message that is both loud and clear.

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