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Incredible spinning assist outfoxes goalkeeper

World of Sport

It's not often Algerian football reminds you of an Ashes Test match. but that's just what happened when a mis-hit in the Cup semi-final between MC Algar and defending ES Setif produced spin worthy of Shane Warne himself.

Setif goalkeeper Sofiane Khedairia raised his hand to signal he had everything under control when a shinned shot looped into the box, apparently on its way out for a goal kick.

But as the ball hit the turf it gripped and ripped, spinning away from the helpless Khedairia and into the path of an attacker.

Hadj Bougueche eventually bundled the ball in to give MC Alger the lead on their way to a 3-2 victory.

Watch the incredible video as a freak bounce leads to one of the strangest goals you'll ever see.

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