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Inside an F1 car

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Have you ever wondered what the inside of a Formula 1 car looks like? If so, then luckily the Sauber team have cut one in half to expose the workings of one of these technological marvels.

Chief designer Matt Morris is our guide in a fascinating video that demonstrates just what makes up one of the quickest vehicles on the planet.

It took Sauber two years to split one of their cars neatly down the middle and the result is a unique insight into the engineering that goes into the production of F1 cars.

Driver Sergio Perez also perches rather precariously in the hot seat to demonstrate how he spends two uncomfortable hours every other weekend.

Incredibly, we discover that a driver's backside is just 10mm away from the tarmac as he hurtles around the track.

Thanks to Sauber, this video shows an F1 car as it has never been seen before.

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