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Josh Lewsey cheats death on Everest

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rugby legend Josh Lewsey has spoken of his terror after escaping death at the top of Mount Everest after his
oxygen supply failed on his approach to the summit.

33-year-old was forced to turn back and race back to base camp when his
breathing equipment froze - on the way passing the corpses of climbers who had
suffered the exact same equipment failure.

have never felt so scared. The most terrifying thing was seeing the bodies and
realising I could be one of them," Lewsey told The Sun.

saw one Japanese climber who had died two days before.  

you want to do is sit down and sleep as your oxygen levels are so low. But
that's how they all ended up dying."

a member of the 2003 World Cup winning squad, was scaling the mountain to raise
money for armed forces charities and was on the final 1,500ft leg when he had
to turn back.

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weather had already blighted the attempt, forcing a wait of several days at
base camp, and Lewsey admitted feeling frustrated at not being able to complete
the climb as new equipment could not be provided in time.

must admit there were mixed feelings as my team-mates made it to the top,"
he said.

was delighted for them but from a selfish point of view, I was very
disappointed I could not be there with them."



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