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Karate referee goes bananas, floors both fighters

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Being a referee in any sort of fighting sport is obviously fraught with danger at almost any level, with officials at boxing, martial arts and MMA often getting floored in the line of duty.

So you can hardly blame them if, once in a while, they fight back. Though it has to be said that the ref at this karate contest - believed to be in America - probably took that a bit far.

After the two fighters refused to obey his command to step away, the official lost his rag and started lashing out, elbowing one of the fighters in the face and kicking another in the head, before throwing a series of bunches and kicks which put both of them on the floor and saw some other officials step in to restrain him.

We know what you're thinking, because we were thinking it too: surely this was faked for the amusement of the crowd? It's a definite possibility, though the final punch that floored the guy on the right certainly looked as if it connected properly.

And in any case, whether it's fake or not, it's still damn funny. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase 'only one winner'.

'Break it up... I said break it up... and when I say it.. I MEAN IT!'

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