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Keeper’s blunder costs his side promotion

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An Italian
goalkeeper cost his side promotion with an extraordinary blunder in a penalty

Loris Angeli,
shot-stopper for Italian seventh-tier side Dro, was initially delighted when Termeno's
Michael Palma sent his sudden death spot kick into the crossbar with the
scores locked at 4-4.

Angeli ran over to
his team-mates to celebrate, while Palma sank to his knees distraught at having
missed the target.

But the referee was
still watching attentively as the ball fell back to earth, loaded with backspin
that somehow gave it just enough impetus to creep over the line.

The goal stood, and
Dro's shellshock at the freak goal turned to misery as they missed the very next
kick to send their opponents up.

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