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Keeper kicks off campaign with own-goal howler

World of Sport

The Ukrainian Premier League began this weekend with one of the strangest own-goals you will ever see.

Newly-promoted Hoverla travelled to Chernomorets for their opening match, and slipped to 3-0 down by half-time, in no small part due to this extraordinary blunder.

Evgen Eliseev was the unfortunate scorer, hooking the ball away from the onrushing attacker but towards goal.

In a moment of confusion, goalkeeper Aleksandr Nad clearly feared it would be branded a back-pass, which meant he would not be allowed to use his hands.

Instead, he opted to try and head the ball away. Leaping salmon-like into the air, he missed the ball altogether, allowing the ball to land squarely in the corner of the net.

Nad, perhaps out of sheer embarrassment, tried to laugh straight after the goal. His coach, pointing to his head in bemusement, didn't see the funny side.

The good news for Hoverla was that it did get a little better - they scored two second-half goals to limit the damage in a 3-2 defeat - and they've already probably got their 'most embarrassing moment of the season' cleared up for the year.

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