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Keeper’s unique trick to get attack going

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Peter Schmeichel often displayed during his Manchester United days that sometimes the best way to launch a counter-attack is with a quick throw-out from the goalkeeper.

But he had nothing on this guy:

With Cameroon trailing Egypt 2-1 in stoppage time of a friendly in Sudan last week, the Indomitable Lions' goalkeeper Alan Tshoumi Tiko knew he needed to get the ball upfield.

He came up with a novel way to get the attack going, performing a somersault before launching an incredible long throw that landed deep in the Egyptian half.

Unfortunately for Tiko, the throw was in vain as a Cameroon striker could not get on the end of it and Egypt saw out their 2-1 victory.

Still, it was an impressive piece of skill that brightened up what might otherwise have been a quickly-forgotten friendly.


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