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What this kid does is so amazing you’ll have to watch it twice…

World of Sport

...and a third time. And probably a fourth and a fifth, and then you might finally get your head around what this taekwondo master is doing.

That's because the move on display in the video above is the holy grail of martial arts moves: the quadruple kick.

It's a move that is common to several disciplines - including both taekwondo and kung-fu - and is so staggeringly difficult to pull off that it's thought only a handful of people in the world can do so with any consistency.

Watching this clip, that's not hard to believe. The sight of this guy launching himself into the air, spinning through 540 degrees, and somehow accurately connecting four kicks as he does so, is not something we'll forget.

And just one last thing to point out: World of Sport would probably struggle just jumping up and tapping the highest of the four targets with its hand. And this Korean guy bullseyes it with his foot, having already hit three other targets while spinning round in the air. Insane.

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