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Leader almost loses Ironman race with ridiculous showboat celebration

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For most people, coming down the final stretch of a gruelling Ironman - one of the most arduous physical challenges in sport - is something to complete and get over with as quickly as possible.

But for Jérémy Jurkiewicz of France, the last 50m presented the perfect opportunity to show off his new wobbly-aeroplane celebration and showboat in front of his adoring fans.

The only problem for Jurkiewicz was the fact that he ended up almost inexplicably stopping with just a few yards left to run as he basked in his own glory, while Brazil's Igor Amorelli rounded the corner.

Amorelli, realising that the man he thought would have been lying on the ground with an isotonic and an ice pack at the finish line was still yet to break the tape, broke into a desperate sprint to clinch victory.

The Brazilian would surely have capitalised upon his rival's astonishing hubris, but he showed remarkable sportsmanship and kindness in allowing Jurkiewicz in front of him to win and to spare his blushes.

Jurkiewicz did not show equal sportsmanship, attempting to push Amorelli out of his way, and he was left mightily relieved after what could easily have been one of the all-time classic arrogant cock-ups.

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