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Legendary big-wave daredevil shoots pier, saves stricken surfer

World of Sport

Surfer Laird Hamilton saves the day amid huge waves

Legendary big-wave daredevil Laird Hamilton has made headlines in very dramatic fashion after he shot a pier and also helped to rescue a surfer in distress amid huge waves in Malibu.

The gigantic waves were generated by Hurricane Marie and were slamming Southern California beaches.

Hamilton grabbed everyone's attention by throwing himself across a very powerful swell generated by the hurricane off Mexico about 1,000 miles away to save the stricken surfer.

As Hamilton shot the pier on one of the bigger waves, it was captured on video (above).

Hamilton was on the beach when he spotted a surfer who had lost his board and was clearly really struggling. He hastily swam out and helped pull the man to shore, with the assistance of two others.

“Oh, he was happy, he was thankful,” Hamilton told ABC News. “His eyes were big and he was appreciative that he was back on the land.”

When it came to shooting the pier, it was a dangerous feat that consisted of him surfing between the huge wooden support beams from one side to the other - something not to be attempted even by most professional surfers.

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"The guy’s nuts," the onlookers filming the incident said while videotaping amid applause from other spectators on the beach.

The wave which Hamilton rode through the pier was so big that it very nearly scraped the bottom of it as the surfer was on a stand-up paddleboard.

Wave faces in the iconic surfing area have been measured at around 15 feet as a result of the sheer power and force of the effect of Hurricane Marie, which has attained Category 5 status this week.

What Hamilton did in shooting the pier was dangerous and incredible, but by saving a distressed surfer in the area he did something much more heroic than simply being an incredibly brave and fearless wave-rider.

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