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Jonh Lennon scores magical mystery goal

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Imagine one of the best individual goals you've ever seen - it's easy if you try.

But if you can't, you could just watch this magical mystery goal scored by Atletico Goianense's Jonh Lennon - yes, Jonh Lennon - in the Copa do Brasil on Wednesday.

The 21-year-old was taking part in the match against Cameta and, with his team already 2-0 up, he decided that he could do without any help. He refused a little help from his friends. In fact, that two-goal cushion was his ticket to ride to produce a goal so far-fetched that even a paperback writer would have dared make it up.

Picking up the ball he preceded to twist - and shout as his team-mates did Lennon ignored them. Not that the opposition would let it be: defenders and goalkeepers came so close you'd have thought they wanted to hold his hand, but he managed to negotiate the long and winding road through the six yard box and score.

From 3-0 up, Goianense turned on the style even more and it turned into even more of a hard day's night for Cameta, who let in four more goals to lose 7-0. Lennon scored one more before the end - not a bad day in the life of an up-and-coming Brazilian star.

As for that name? It really does appear to be Jonh Lennon - though even the official club website calls him John Lennon in one place, even if he's Jonh in most of their references.

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