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Lescott angers neighbours by building mansion

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England and Manchester City star Joleon Lescott has angered his neighbours by demolishing a bungalow so that he can build a four-storey mansion.

Lescott, who signed for City from Everton for £24 million and is reported to be on £100,000 a week, bought the site at Alderley Edge for £1.45m but his new digs will be worth over £4m when finished.

The area where he purchased the property is becoming increasingly popular with millionaire footballers from both City and Manchester United.

Lescott has been given planning permission to build the house, but residents have complained about both the size and the style of the proposed building.

Members of the Edge Association, which was set up to protect the village's heritage, are quoted in the Daily Mail voicing their anger over the house which is being built in the village's Conservation Area.

"The proposal is brutish in size and design. For the past four or five years, we have watched as perfectly good homes along our road are knocked down and rebuilt and we have had to live with the mess," said one resident Richard Higham.

Another added: "The chosen style of the new building is neo-classical (and on) such a scale that it seeks to create the impression of a grand country house of the Georgian period.

"This style is utterly anachronistic in Alderley Edge which is Victorian... the proposed dwelling is altogether out of character and style with the Victorian houses in its immediate locality."

While another resident commented: "The new proposal displays no architectural value whatsoever, yet it will dominate by its immense size and form a lasting carbuncle on the landscape.

"The house is being built in the Georgian style and will be surrounded by high walls and accessed via electronic remote-controlled security gates and protected by a CCTV system."

Lescott's new house will have six bedrooms and a basement leisure suite featuring an indoor pool, pool bar, sauna, spa, cinema room, gym and wine cellar.

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