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Life ban for kung-fu footballer

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A player in Kazakhstan has been banned for life following an
astonishing assault on an opponent.

The Football Federation of Kazakhstan took the action
against Kairat Almaty's Armand Masimzhanov
after he kung-fu kicked Radmir Muksinov of Lokomotiv Astana in a
second-division game.

A scuffle broke out when a
Kairat player committed a bad foul, and as players squared up to each other Masimzhanov
lauched himself studs-first at the oblivious Muksinov, who was sent crashing to
the turf.

The match was called off in
stoppage time, with Kairat leading 3-2, and police questioned four players.

In handing out the life ban,
the Kazakh authorities condemned Masimzhanov's "terrible

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