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Lightning strikes tree, halts American football game on Friday 13th

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They say Friday 13th is an unlucky day - and so it proved for those in attendance at an American football game last week.

Fans were enjoying a performance from the university band at half-time of the game between Orlando University High School and Boone when they got the shock of their lives.

Out of the blue, in an incident captured by band parent Jeffrey King and publicised by the Orlando Sentinel, a huge bolt of lightning struck a tree next to the bleachers.

Boone's players were congregating near said tree when the lightning light it up in spectacular fashion, but thankfully no one was hurt.

Fans had to hide under the bleachers while the storm passed, but the game was called off with Orlando University winning 14-7 due to safety concerns.

"We all ran for cover," said Bob Jones, father of Boone kicker Austin Jones. "The weather was great and it hit with no warning. Friday the 13th was a crazy night."

Judging by our video, it certainly was...

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