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Liverpool fan who changed name to ‘Anfield’ has no regrets

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Anfield gates

Anfield gates

A Liverpool fan who changed his surname to 'Anfield' to show his dedication to the team says he has no regrets about changing his name.

Axel Gogstad, a 27-year-old sports journalism student from the University of Southampton, has been Axel Gogstad-Anfield since turning 18 in his native Norway.

"It was quite a spontaneous thing, really," he told the Daily Mirror.

"I've always been proud of my name but I thought if I put 'Anfield' next to it I'd be even more proud of it and I can carry Liverpool wherever I'm going.

"My mum said 'What have you been doing today?' and I said 'I changed my name to Anfield'. She said 'No, you haven't' and I said 'Yes, I did'.

"We went back and forth for half an hour, and then I showed her the papers. She said 'No really, you didn't?'”

He changed his name nine years ago, which is also how many times he has visited his stadium namesake.

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