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Man dunks himself through basketball hoop

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A gymnast has become an internet sensation after managing to dunk a basketball AND HIMSELF into the hoop.

Nick Corrales was helping to entertain fans during a break in an NBA clash between the Phoenix Suns and the Charlotte Bobcats as he launched off a trampoline to execute a spectacular dunk.

However, he found himself in the net too before wriggling his way down to safety.

The big question that has been raging amongst the millions who have watched the video on the internet is whether it was all part of the trick or just great improvisation to avoid a serious injury.

The man himself has remained quiet but his mother Donna told KPNX-TV in Phoenix: "It wouldn't be something that I think he would want to do as a trick to show off, he's just not that way."

Either way, it is thrilling stuff.

Watch the video below

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