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Manchester United legend’s radio rant goes viral

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Paddy Crerand

Manchester United legend Paddy Crerand has hit the headlines after his hilarious radio rant got social media buzzing.

The 73-year-old was a key part in the Manchester United side of the Bobby Charlton and George Best era that won two league titles and one European Cup, but it's been a long time since he was the talk of football.

All that changed on Monday when BBC radio Radio 5 phoned him up to discuss the bloody and dramatic Manchester derby on Sunday.

Presenter Chris Warburton started his phone interview with Crerand by asking what he made of players celebrating provocatively in front of opposing players.

Immediately, Crerand became incensed: "Who's said that? Who's made that statement?" he demanded.

"What planet do they live on?" he shouted when Warburton said the suggestion had come via texts from listeners.

"I was at the game yesterday, do you expect fans not to celebrate when their team scores a goal?"

Warburton explained that the issue was players' provocative celebrations.

"No, no, what they're suggesting is that players are going up to opposing fans and celebrating in front of them and that stokes the crowd up," he said.

Crerand was not to be mollified, however. "I was at the game yesterday and that is absolute rubbish. Who suggested that, and where did that come from? Absolute garbage. How many people phoned you up? One? Two? Three?" he demanded.

You can listen to the whole thing at the BBC's website, but for those without the time to spare to listen to it we pick the exchange up from the transcript:

Warburton: "No, we've had various texts, various texts this morning saying the same thing as well."

Crerand: "Well how many? Tell me how many."

Warburton (defensively): "Well I'm not going to go and count them all now.

Crerand: "If you're going to make a statement like you're making a statement now, tell me how many."

Warburton: "No, just take it from me, we have had a good number of texts..."

Crerand (indignantly): "I'm not taking it from you. You tell me."

Warburton (impatiently): "Well, I haven't got it to hand Paddy. I'm just telling you."

Crerand (incredulous): "Well why make a statement then, if you haven't got it to hand?"

Warburton (resigned): "Just take it from me"

Crerand: "No I'm not taking it from you, why do you make a statement like that when you haven't got the evidence?"

Warburton: "Well what do you think of the point? The suggestion?"

Crerand: "I think the point is absolutely ludicrous. You go to a football match, or any sporting situation, and you think people shouldn't celebrate? What planet are your people on at all?

Warburton: "No, no, that's not what's being suggested."

Crerand: "Well that's what you're suggesting."

Warburton: "In terms of..."

Crerand: "In terms of what then? Now you're making excuses for yourself."

Warburton: "I was going to ask you a different question Paddy."

Crerand: "Yeah, well go on then."

Warburton: "In terms of the environment at a derby, how has it changed from when you were playing?"

Crerand: "It's not changed in any way whatsoever. I don't care that it's a derby, or any football match, people celebrate when their team scores a goal. What do you expect them to do, be quiet?

[Long pause]

Warburton: "No, I don't."

Crerand: "I don't know what you're suggesting, I'm totally amazed... Just a minute please - is this a publicity stunt?"

Warburton: "No. I think I've been quite clear in what I'm saying to you Paddy. Let me ask you a question about the football."

Crerand: "Yeah, well ask me a sensible question then. Don't talk stupid and ask me daft questions about whether fans should celebrate or not."

After more confusion, Warburton's co-presenter Rachel Burden later cut in to try and clear things up:

Rachel Burden: "I think there might be a bit of, um, misunderstanding here. A number of people texted the programme and people called Five Live..."

Crerand: "How many texts? A million?"

Burden: "If you'd let me finish..."

Crerand: "Half a million?"

Burden: "If you'd let me finish..."

Crerand: "A hundred thousand?"

After a further exchange Crerand then suddenly wondered why he was not speaking to Warburton any more.

Crerand: "Why did you change commentators? Why have you come on all of a sudden?"

Burden: "That's just the way it works on the programme, we both join in together."

Warbuton: "Don't worry, I haven't run scared Paddy."

To the millions listening, however, running scared is exactly what Warburton was doing by allowing his co-presenter to take over.

Not that anyone would blame Radio 5's man from withering under the legendary hard-man midfielder's questioning: he might be 73, but Crerand clearly still has enough passion for the game to put most Premier League stars to shame.

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