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Marathon runner’s hilarious, cheeky way of motivating herself

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One of Kelly's pics of her fellow half-marathoners

When athlete Kelly Roberts lined up at the New York half-marathon, she was clearly daunted by the idea of trekking round the streets of the metropolis for 31.1 miles.

But then she came up with a brilliant way to put some spring back in her step.

Rather than give herself the usual pep talks ("You can do it! You are amazing!") or try to distract herself from the pain by letting her mind wander, she decided that she would user her phone to take photos of the hot guys around her who were also taking part in the race.

There was only one problem: like any self-respecting 20-something she was far too bashful to just snap away at the beefcake alongside her - so instead she took a series of selfies in which the men appeared in the background. Sort of hot, inadvertent photo-bombing, if you like.

The first chap to catch Kelly's eye is one she spied right at the start line -and that's what gave her the idea.

"I noticed there was a really cute guy behind me, and I thought, 'Oh my God, I should make a hashtag, #hotguysofthenychalf," she told US breakfast TV.

Kelly's first picture, taken at the start of the race

It led to a different picture of a different man every mile - and made Kelly's Instagram page a huge smash around the internet - and you can head over there to see all the rest of her pictures.

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