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Maria Sharapova sends message to prying paps: ‘How did you catch us?’

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Maria Sharapova is dating fellow tennis player Grigor Dimitrov, a fact brought to light earlier this week when paparazzi snapped a photo of Sharapova and Dimitrov sharing a tender moment on the streets of Madrid. Both are playing in the Madrid Open, where Dimitrov upset world No. 1 Novak Djokovic, so, yeah, it didn't exactly require CIA-level espionage tactics to catch them together.

After winning her own quarterfinal in Madrid, Sharapova joked about the revelation with a bit of impromptu camera lens art. She wrote, "How did you catch us???" with a handy marker, smiling all the way. Hey, better this than enraged denials, smashed cameras or lawsuits.

Alas, Maria made the common mistake of failing to account for reversed letters, the same affliction that befell a Florida State fan who apparently painted her face in the mirror last fall. It's cool, we knew what you meant anyway.

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