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Match on flooded pitch goes ahead

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There is nothing spectacular about a waterlogged pitch - games get called off all the time if the pitch is unplayable.

When it becomes a story, though, is when the referee decides to play the game despite the pitch being covered in water.

That's what happened in Brazil last weekend when the referee decided that the Carioca Championship Serie B match between Itaperuna and Aperibeense should go ahead despite half the pitch being completely submerged in water.

The teams splashed through the whole 90 minutes at the Estadio Jair Bittencourt near Rio, with Itaperuna even managing to win the match 1-0.

Not surprisingly, Aperibeense's director of football has appealed the result, saying that his players were left scratching themselves after the match.

They even had to take alcohol baths because the rain water had mixed with overflow from the streets and sewers.

Watch the video below to see just a brief selection of the farcical match.

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