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Mayor’s fluffed kick ends school’s world record

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St Columba's College world record

A school's football world record came to an abrupt end when the local mayor fluffed a kick.

St Columba's College in St Albans were aiming to set the record for most consecutive passes and reached 649 as even two boys on crutches helped tick the record along.

However the ball was then played to the town's mayor Aislinn Lee - and she made a mess of her kick, sending the ball less than half the required 11 metres to end the bid.

"Hundreds of people were watching. There was a huge groan as the ball rolled slowly along and stopped," 16-year-old student Jackson Simmons-Terry told The Sun.

"It brought the whole thing to a crashing halt. People were booing. She looked so embarrassed."

Luckily her mistake did not wreck the record bid as the students and staff at the school had already moved beyond the previous mark of 579 passes.

The school decided to try for the record as part of a charity drive to raise money for young people in Kenya.

Arsenal stars Marouane Chamakh and Ju Young Park supported the effort by popping along for a warm-up session before the record attempt.

Mayor Lee admitted she was embarrassed to have ended the record: "Thank goodness the boys weren't depending on me!" she said.

Photo from the St Columba's College website

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