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Meet bodybuilder ‘Sonny’ Bryant. Can you guess how old he is?

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Looking at Sam 'Sonny' Bryant, you'd be forgiven for thinking he's a man in his roaring 20s.

You'd be wrong, through, and by some distance, because Sonny is, astonishingly, 70 years of age. In other words - a pensioner.

Not that the champion bodybuilder from Georgia, who only took up weightlifting at 44, feels it. "Age is just a number", he says defiantly.

The American turned to bodybuilding in 2005 after the breakdown of his third marriage and he hasn't looked back since.

His motto is simple: "If you start thinking you're old subconsciously, your conscious mind is going to take hold of that and your body is going to start acting old, feeling old. Then you're old," he says.

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His impressive physique is honed by a combination of hard work and a healthy breakfast, which typically consists of a dry waffle or scrambled eggs with well-done bacon.

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After that, it's straight to the gym for his daily workout.

"I want people to recognise what I'm doing and realise that it can be done," he says.

"They can do it. A lot of young guys, they go home, sit around, watch TV and do nothing - I've seen a lot of young guys who are older than me.

"I can't sit around too long. I hate it. I've got to be busy."

The same can also be said for Svend Steensgard, who at 91 is 21 years Sonny's senior. Seeing really is believing as he successfully completes a 130kg deadlift below.

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