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These men will convince you that pogo stick is extreme sport’s next big thing

World of Sport

A group of amazing pogo stickers from America have unleashed a video of their exploits on the world in an attempt to prove that their pastime is a genuine sport.

And after watching this amazing footage, you'd be hard-pressed to disagree with them.

The 'Cooligans', as they call themselves, spent four months producing their latest video, which features an array of devastating stunts packed into seven minutes of doing things with a pogo stick that you'd never have believed possible.

The pogoers - namely Russ Kaus, Michael Mena, Tone Staubs, Dan Mahoney, Nick McClintock, Steve Bennett, Dalton Smith, Biff Hutchison, Henry Cabelus, Mike Hughes, Bryan Pognant and Nic Patino - are all part of a movement called XPOGO. They got together to film the stunts in various locations across the US, with McClintock acting as film director and editor.

Incredible stuff. People once scoffed at BMX riding as nothing more than a fad, but that's now part of the Olympics. Perhaps one day pogoing will be too...

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