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Mexico in big Panini sticker gaffe

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The women's football World Cup begins on June 26 in Germany and for the first time ever a Panini sticker album has been released to mark a major women's sporting event.

The stickers have been a huge success in Germany, with 4.5 million packets having being sold, which has forced Panini to rush to print more.

However, there have been some setbacks, most notably from the Mexican FA which sent stickers from its men's team instead of its women's.

They were not the only country to gaffe either.

"Mexico's football federation mistakenly sent Panini pictures of its men's team, while the album has the same photo for two North Korean players, Jon Myong Hwa and Kim Kyong Hwa," revealed Panini Germany spokeswoman Christine Froehler.

"The collection was indeed a gamble," Froehler added.

"But the feedback we have got from the market shows that it paid off.

"If not now, then when? With Germany as the host country and a very strong German team, it seemed the perfect opportunity for a women's World Cup sticker collection."

Kids have been feverishly swapping the stickers in the playground but even the German players have been getting in on the act.

"Our players are very eager to collect the whole lot," explained Niels Barnhofer, media officer for the German national team.

"They are big collectors and exchanging them has become a big thing among the team. They all want full albums, but it's difficult to get new cards at the moment because all the shops have sold out."

The women's World Cup is already on course to be a huge success with 75 per cent of available tickets (about 670,000 in total) already sold.

The event will covered live on Eurosport Television with live text commentary on all matches here on Eurosport Yahoo!

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