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Minnesota Vikings roof collapses

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A huge snow storm caused the Minneapolis Metrodome's inflated
roof to collapse, forcing the relocation of the New York Giants-Minnesota
Vikings NFL game to Detroit.

The game had already been postponed after the Giants were
stranded in Kansas City when their charter flight was unable to land in
Minneapolis because of the storm.

The league was then forced to moved the contest when the
blizzard ripped open the Metrodome's roof just hours before kick off, covering
the field in snow.

Several alternate venues were considered, including the
University of Minnesota's outdoor stadium and the Super Dome in New Orleans
before settling on Ford Field where the Detroit Lions were taking on the Green
Bay Packers.

The NFL said ticket holders to the Vikings-Giants game would
receive preferred seating and any extra seats would be given away free on a
first-come basis.

But getting to Detroit will be a major challenge for both teams
and fans as a massive winter storm sweeps across the US Midwest disrupting
several NFL games.


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