Miracle goal or fluke of the year?

World of Sport

Espanyol B striker Bakary has sparked fierce debate across the internet thanks to an eyecatching goal he scored in a fourth-tier match.

The 24-year-old turns out for the second string of the Barcelona-based side, who play in Spain's 'Tercera' league, and it was in a 2-0 win against equally lowly Montanesa that the Spaniard produced an outrageous backheel lob volley into the top corner:

The big question is did he mean it, or was it a complete fluke? Bakary clearly tried to make contact with the ball, but was it an intentional attempt to flip the ball over the keeper or a desperate flail by a player who had all but lost his balance and was about to hit the deck?

Watch the goal - it should autoplay in the box just above - and leave your verdict in the comments box below.

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