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The most amazing extreme sports stunts of 2012

World of Sport

It's hard to pick out just one highlight from the many amazing extreme sports videos which have come World of Sport's way in the past year.

Would it be Felix Baumgartner's parachute jump from the edge of space? The mountain bike rider who clattered along at top speed along a tiny, rock-strewn path on the side of a cliff? Or the daredevil 'Bird Man' whose dedicated to his craft cost him two broken legs on the peak of Table Mountain?

But there's no need to choose, because a video celebrating some of the most amazing athletic achievements of the year has been posted on the internet and is clocking up millions of hits. That video is posted at the top of this page, so sit back, enjoy... and offer up your thanks that there are people out there doing these things to push the limits of the human experience.

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