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Motorised wheelbarrow used as stretcher, injured player falls off it

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Since the introduction of the stretcher to haul injured players off a football pitch, there have been problems. For a start, the plastic sled offers little comfort, while it takes an age for the medical staff to jog on breathlessly and get to work.

So it clearly made a lot of sense - well, for those involved at the Romanian fourth division game between Timisul Urseni and SS Politehnica Timisoara at least - to use a motorised wheelbarrow (yes, you read that correctly!) as a makeshift stretcher.

What could possibly go wrong?

Hilarity ensued as the physio zoomed out in the motorised 'barrow, but the comical scenes did not end there as the injured player promptly fell out of the contraption, no doubt causing further damage. You couldn't make it up.

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