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Music publicist earns publicity with Mo Farah’s old mobile number

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Carl Delahunty pictured on Facebook, Mo Farah pictured after winning more gold.

Carl Delahunty is a music publicist from London who achieved his own slice of fame by earning a mention in athlete Mo Farah's autobiography.

In the double Olympic gold running machine's book Twin Ambitions, Farah speaks about changing his mobile phone.

"I'll find out that some random guy ended up with my old phone number," writes Farah. "Every time I do well in a race or I'm in the spotlight, this poor guy's phone explodes with phone calls and text messages."

Delahunty is the bloke with Farah's old number.

He apparently signed up for a new mobile phone because he was keen on a free games console being offered as part of the deal. He got fellow Brit Farah's old number for free.

"I hadn't even had it a week when I started receiving calls from a rogue number," he says. "I answered and this beefy voice asked: 'Hello? Hello? Is that Mo?' It continued for months, at all sorts of ungodly hours."

Recognising the code was from Somalia, Delahunty's awareness didn't begin to register until the Somali-born athlete snared two gold medals at the European Athletics Championships in 2010.

"Even then, I was thinking that couldn't be the case – until I was out at lunch and got a text from a lady at Sky telling me I was the man, and anytime I wanted to come in for an interview I was welcome.

"I replied: 'Indeed, I am the man. However, I'm not doing any interviews apart from The One Show and Newsround.' I know it was cheeky, but after two years of random phone calls it was fair enough."

He apparently hasn't changed the number because he is "lazy". Unlike Farah.

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