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NFL mascot forced to say sorry over ‘insensitive’ tweet about suicide

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In an era where team mascots (or the humans who don the costumes, anyway) have Twitter accounts, there needs to be some perspective when it comes to what's offensive.

Nonetheless, Freddie Falcon — the team mascot for the Atlanta Falcons — took a public hit for oversized-plush-foot-in-mouth disease following what was deemed a tasteless message on his official account (@FreddieFalcon).

A tweet, which since has been deleted, was posted following the Falcons' 34-10 loss to the Carolina Panthers: “Had a good time at the #ood suicide prevention walk today. I may need to go back if our season continues the way it is.”

That was followed a few hours later by an official apology:

Suicide is a taboo subject, and the message probably should have been better thought out before the "tweet" button was clicked. Linking the results of a football game to suicidal thoughts is clearly shallow and obtuse.

A spokesperson from American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, which sponsored the walk, issued a statement on the matter in response:

"For the more than 1,000 survivors of suicide loss who participated in today's walk, suicide prevention is no laughing matter. We hope everyone who joined us today, including Freddie, support our vision for a world without suicide."

Eric Edholm | Shutdown Corner

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