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Nine-year-old Jordan sinks miracle shot

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A nine-year-old boy has become world famous after sinking an incredible shot in a primary school game.

Holy Trinity in Portland, Oregon, were trailing local rivals St
Matthew's by two points with 8.9 seconds left on the clock when the ball came
to J.C. Miller deep in his own half.

With no time to try and dribble or pass his way up the court, plucky Miller decided
to try a pot-shot from almost the length of the court - and he sank the ball just as the buzzer sounded.

Cruelly, there are no three-pointers in third-grade basketball, meaning
that the miraculous shot only forced overtime rather than tying the game - but Holy
Trinity went on to win by two points in any case.

" I just didn't want to quit because if we were to lose that game, that
would have been our championship," Miller explained to Oregon Live. "I
just didn't want to quit, so I threw it up."


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