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O’Hara quits Twitter after money moan backlash

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Jamie O'Hara in action for Wolves

Wolves midfielder Jamie O'Hara is to leave Twitter after his complaints about the stress of his £35,000-a-week salary sparked a furious backlash.

The 26-year-old, who is married to model Danielle Lloyd, tweeted: "Things were so much easier when I earned 100pound a week on wts #stress"

The former Spurs midfielder's remark brought some angry responses from his 175,000 followers, and he announced on Thursday morning he is to leave the social network.

"Had a good think last night and today is my last day on twitter," he said.

"I'll be starting a private Facebook account and anyone who is a genuine fan can send me a friend request, too many trolls on here with nothing nice to say."

O'Hara was forced to defend himself after his remark on Wednesday - explaining that he was not moaning about the amount of money he earned, but about the stresses and commitments associated with it.

"Why do people think cos I earn good money I don't have bills to pay we all pay tax an we have mortgages to pay, some people are deluded," he tweeted.

"I wonder how many people are doing hospital visits this Xmas or giving clothing to the homeless this winter, or setting up a charity to raise money for hospitals.

"I'm not saying I'm not privileged I'm so lucky to have what I've got but trust me when I was 17 on wts it was a lot more easier.

"Many peeps hating about me earning good money that show how jealous u are, instead of realising the tweet was about how hard life gets."

O'Hara, who earns over 50 times the national average wage, failed to head off a Twitter backlash.

User Saskia van Emden said: "Jamie O'Hara moaning about being paid a mere £35K a week rather than 100K sums up everything I hate about football the #greed is vile."

Mikey Dunlap added: "I'm sure Jamie O'Hara has "stress" to deal with in the form of parenting, attention and extra commitments. But lad, you don't know your born."

However, one Wolves fan backed O'Hara, saying: "Can't believe Jamie O'Hara's tweets made the Daily Mail website, pathetic. He wasn't moaning about his wages, just said life was less stressful as a kid. Money isn't some kind of medicine, you can still become unhappy/stressed/depressed."

What do you think? Were Twitter users too quick to condemn O'Hara, or should footballers know better than to complain in public?

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