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Out Of Our Heads: Ronnie O’Sullivan and the Rolling Stones

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Ronnie O'Sullivan has described how the only people who have ever seen him play best snooker are "a couple of blitzed Rolling Stones."

The five time world snooker champion talks about booze and drug-fuelled night's out with good friend, Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood, in his forthcoming autobiography "Running," which is currently being serialised by The Sun.

The 37-year-old also said he was compared to Mozart by lead Stones guitarist Keith Richards and said he, and fellow snooker player Jimmy White, dazzled the rock stars at one snooker session.

"Years ago, when he (Wood) was still with his wife Jo, me and Jimmy White used to go round to theirs and play snooker epics while getting slaughtered with him and Keith Richards," writes O'Sullivan.

"One night we were off our heads and me and Jimmy just hit century after century. It was probably the best we've ever played, and nobody was there to see it except a couple of blitzed Rolling Stones.

"Keith said I was the Mozart of snooker. I may not be up on classical music, but even I know that's a compliment.

O'Sullivan caused controversy last month when he claimed on Twitter that "many more" snooker players were fixing matches than Stephen Lee who was banned for 12 months.

World Snooker chairman Barry Hearn confirmed O'Sullivan would face action if he did not back up such allegations with names.

O'Sullivan later backtracked by saying: "No concrete evidence of match fixing in snooker but just like everyone one who works in an office they have a good idea who's shagging who.

"I suppose I could always go back to working on the farm if World Snooker wanna (sic) ban me."

"Barry I think we need another cup of tea .. I've been a naughty boy mwah xxx"

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