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Outrageous ‘Streetfighter II’-style move ends karate bout

World of Sport

A karate fighter has become a global phenomenon after he killed off a bout with a move that looked like it was ripped straight from Streetfighter II.

The stunning overhead kick came out of nowhere in a bout that took place in the PPO Karate Championships in the Russian city of Ulyanovsk, a remote city on the Volga river some 900km east of Moscow.

Competitors at the event were taking part under the Shinkyokushin rules, a branch of karate which places high emphasis on full contact fighting with no protective gear.

The only nod to safety in this particular branch of the martial art is a ban on blows to the face made with hands, heads, or any part of the body other than the leg.

Kicks to the head are welcomed, however, as fighter Semyon Moskalenko demonstrated in incredible style with this magnificent yet terrifying blow.

Karate fans posting their views on the internet agree that they've never seen a kick like this before. Clearly they spent too much of their teenage years training their bodies and minds rather than researching new moves via their Super Nintendos.

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