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Paraglider rams into footballer

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When you are warming-up before a big football match there might be lots of things on your mind — How will I play today? How am I going to stop that winger? Have I done all my stretches?

One thing you definitely wouldn't be thinking though is: "Will I get rammed into by a paraglider?"

However, that is what happened to LDU Quito's Argentine striker Claudio Bieler before a big Ecuador Serie A match against Barcelona Sporting Club.

A number of paragliders were meant to land on the pitch as part of the pre-match entertainment but one of them overshot his landing and crashed into the back of Bieler as he warmed up.

Thanks to the joys of the paraglider's helmet cam, we get a superb view of the whole incident as it played out and Bieler can expect to see himself as a subject in the 'What Happened Next?' section of Question of Sport in the future.

Thankfully neither he nor the paraglider seemed to be hurt in the incident although Bieler looked understandably surprised and annoyed.

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