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Pensioner makes two holes in one in a single round

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A pensioner has beaten odds of 67 million-to-one by making two holes in one in a single round of golf.

Peter Wafford, a 75-year-old from Enfield, picked up his pair of aces during a veterans' match at Chigwell Golf Club, finding the cup on the second and 14th holes.

"It was all luck really. You always aim at the green," said the modest Wafford after holing his 7-wood shots, both from 180 yards.

"Sometimes the ball hits the green, and sometimes you shank into the woods.

"But I think gobsmacked is the word to describe how I felt! It's exhilarating for me, as it was quite a moment. I don't think I will get one again."

Wafford did not even have local knowledge on his side to help his feat: he is a member at Bush Hill Park Golf Club, and was playing for his club against Chigwell when his double-miracle happened - something which hit him in the pocket.

"I've had to buy so many drinks at Chigwell and then at my own club as well!" he chuckled.

It might have hit him in the pocket, but Wafford's feat will be remembered for many years: Chigwell are to make a commemorative plaque showing the scorecard that will be hung in the clubhouse.

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