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‘Play like a girl,’ ‘Man Up,’ ‘Midget’ and other things you can’t say at Anfield…

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When a 'discriminatory sheet' of words that Liverpool have banned from Anfield did the rounds on Twitter on Tuesday morning, we at World of Sport had a good chuckle before reaching the conclusion that it must be a fake.

The document revealed that phrases such as 'Princess', 'Play like a girl' and 'That's gay' were, according to the document, deemed unacceptable by the club as well as plenty of other more obvious insults.

You can see the document below (warning contains bad language).

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Liverpool have not exactly been hitting PR home runs in recent seasons...

See here

And here

And from just yesterday this.

...but this seemed like somebody getting up to a bit of mischief.

Not so according to the Huffington Post, who got in touch with the club.

Liverpool told them the document was part of an extensive handbook handed out to staff "designed to provide information on what terminology is deemed acceptable and unacceptable".

The club's social inclusion officer Rishi Jain told the Huff Post: "Liverpool FC has been actively engaged in a full club-wide education and awareness programme. This programme includes interactive workshops and a handbook which is designed to provide information on the latest equality legislation including information relating to what terminology is deemed as both acceptable and unacceptable.

"This programme of awareness enables our employees to recognise inappropriate language and take the necessary steps to ensure Anfield is free from all forms of discrimination."

So it looks like it is indeed a real thing, although the Twitter reaction can be accurately summarised by the below…

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