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Player’s hopeless showboating attempt

World of Sport

Lebanese footballer Mohamed Ghaddar has become a web sensation for all the wrong reasons after producing a comically inept piece of 'skill' in a Malaysian league game.

Faced with an opponent on the left flank, Kelantan FA striker Gheddar attempts a flurry of stepovers supposed to evoke the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar - but he ends up looking more like a tipsy line dancer.

And, to top it off, with the defenders looking entirely unimpressed, he tries to win a corner by knocking the ball out off one of their shins. Instead, he just scuffs the ball tamely out for a goal kick.

Gheddar is not a complete no-hope, however. He has scored twice in six games for Kelantan this season. But there is no doubting what he will be remembered for most.

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