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Postman convicted of racially abusing Murray via graffiti

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A postman
has been convicted of racism after calling Andy Murray a "useless
jock" in graffiti scrawled on a toilet poster.

Swain, 45, was convicted by Magistrates in Coventry on two counts of
racially-aggravated criminal damage and three counts of criminal damage. He has
been ordered to pay £3,000 costs and sentenced to do 200 hours unpaid work in
the community.

graffiti campaign focused on posters put up in the office toilets began when Swain was to be made redundant before a month-long
closure of the Bishops Street sorting office in Coventry.

sparked a campaign of graffiti accusing the Post Office of "ruining
lives", threatening to "steal as much as possible and send as
many letters to the wrong place as possible", and defacing the posters
with the British number one on them.

On the
posters Swain referred to himself as "the scarlet pimpernel of the post
office", even scrawling "you'll never catch me" on a poster which
itself targeted graffiti.

But Post Office
bosses installed security cameras which caught him in the act, and handwriting
experts confirmed that Swain was the guilty party.

have had particular regard for the racially aggravated elements of this case,"
Magistrates said after passing sentence.

"We have decided that it is serious
enough for us to impose a community sentence."

Swain's lawyer
claimed his client had already lost out on £5,000 of redundancy money that he
would have received had he not been fired for his graffiti.


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