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Proof that it’s never too wet for football

World of Sport

A football match in Kazakhstan has become a viral hit across the internet after players carried on despite truly extraordinary flooding that left a player trying to hit a corner kick as the ball floated on water.

Ekibastuz and Almaty’s match took place on a sodden pitch, with one corner under several inches of water.

Despite a lorry parked close by trying to pump the water away, the match continued - with the referee even gesturing angrily to the player to take the corner properly.

In the end they manage to play the ball, via an ingenious flick-up and volley.

But although you might find similar stories in the village game, it wouldn’t happen in the Premier League – not only do the pitches drain considerably more efficiently, but the FA’s Laws of the Game would surely have prevented the match going ahead.

A referee "has the power to decide as to the fitness of the ground in all matches", according to the laws. And you'd suspect that any time the pitch that looked more suited to water polo than football, the man in black might tell everyone to pack up and go home.

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