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The Queen ‘photobombs’ a photo at Commonwealth Games. Yes, really!

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We never know people as well as we think we do. This became abundantly clear when Queen Elizabeth II was snapped 'photobombing' a snap at the Commonwealth Games.

She was at the National Hockey Centre in Glasgow for the first day of the Games and played her part in making a pretty standard selfie very memorable indeed.

Two Australian hockey players were posing for a selfie with a mobile phone and - wouldn't you know it - the Queen appeared in the background, smiling.

It was a wonderful moment and an image that will surely become a very famous one.

The Queen was wearing green with a fetching hat as she seemingly showed a cheeky side in crashing the athletes' snap.

Understandably, the photo catching out the Queen left the Australian players very excited indeed as they noted that 'she even smiled'.

Jayde Taylor excitedly tweeted the picture along with a caption which captured the mood she was clearly in at the time.

Forget the fact that Australia had just beaten Malaysia 4-0 in their opening game, Taylor was only interested in the fact that she had caught Her Royal Highness in a cheeky pic.

The 29-year-old even used the caption 'she even smiled' when posting the picture on Twitter to her 2,300 followers.

Taylor's team-mate, Anna Flanagan, also tweeted the photo and added what quickly became a very popular hashtag on social media sites: #queenselfie.

The Queen was in attendance with the Duke of Edinburgh to attend England's first match against Wales at the Glasgow National Hockey Centre.

The royal pair were also meeting volunteers at the venue, but of course now we know that the Queen had a special photo to help create in addition to all of that.

It's a photo that will become very famous now and demonstrates beyond doubt that the Queen is very much in tune with modern social media etiquette.

She will even be posting on Twitter herself before too long, no doubt.



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