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Referee chased and attacked by players

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Cuneyt Cakır had a tough time at Old Trafford last night but it was nothing compared to this poor whistle blower in Lebanon.

The worst the Turkish referee in Manchester had to put up with was a sarcastic handclap from Rio Ferdinand but this unfortunate Lebanese ref had to run for his life after being chased around the ground by players and officials.

The incident happened in a second division match between Al Nahda and Al Salam Zgharta.

It was the Al Nahda players who went crazy as they felt aggrieved after being denied a late penalty.

There was more than one attempted slap on the referee but, to be fair to him, he showed a good burst of pace to get away from his pursuers before slipping near the bench.

Waiting there was a solider who helped defuse the situation as the referee scurried down the tunnel to safety.

Who'd be a ref eh?

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