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Reporter gets flattened by crunching hit during training

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Amy Campbell is on the road to being a big-time sports reporter. She's already on Fox Sports in the US, and the athletes she deals with as a field reporter for Fox Sports Next (ie Fox Sports' recruiting coverage) seem to genuinely like her. That's a good start.

But now, Campbell can say she's finally made it as a reporter. She's been completely dump-trucked by a player who was rushing toward the sideline while conducting an interview.

The on field obliteration occurred during The Opening, a Nike-backed prep American football combine and training session in Oregon. While Campbell was interviewing a Fox Sports recruiting analyst, rising senior Ermon Lane, one of the top receiving prospects in the Class of 2014, came rushing toward the interview while running out a play.

What happened next was practically made for TV history. Lane and Campbell collided, and when Lane and Campbell collided there could only be one winner.

If you have to guess who would come out on top there, let's just reconsider that Lane is 6-foot-2 and 172 pounds. Campbell is 5-foot-not-a-lot and even less on the scale.

Luckily, Campbell popped back up and, like a Timex, she kept on ticking. Right on cue she kept delivering news, on Twitter and online and other sources all over.

That's the sign of a real reporter.

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