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Rock stars draw own teams – against each other

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Manchester United v Liverpool may be the stand-out tie in the FA Cup third round, but it was far from the highlight moment during the draw at Wembley.

That instead came from the special guests who conducted it - Kasabian's Serge Pizzorno and Oasis's Noel Gallagher - who incredibly drew their favourite teams to face each other.

First Pizzorno, who was drawing the home teams, picked out his beloved Leicester City then Gallagher paired them with his club Manchester City - to the disbelief of the two guitarists.

"Yes" cried Gallagher as he pulled out City's number 23 after a lucky shake of the ball, before embracing Pizzorno.

"I do not believe that," said presenter Jim Rosenthal as the set at Wembley burst into laughter with Gallagher then saying it was "outrageous" while Pizzorno called the draw "unbelievable".

Rosenthal then joked: "I'm not sure many people in Manchester will share that sort of emotion - but there we are."

All the involved parties then composed themselves before finishing off the draw.

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