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Ronaldo reunites mother and daughter on TV

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Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo played the unlikely role of agony aunt when he popped up on an Italian television show to help a feuding family.

Ronaldo channelled his inner Jeremy Kyle to appear on - 'C'e posta per te' (I have a letter for you) — to help a mother restore a relationship with her daughter.

The mother in the show was struggling financially so she moved in with her son and sent her daughter to live with her father against her will, which caused the two to have a falling out.

With their relationship in tatters, the woman then 'wrote a letter' to the daughter which was delivered in person by Ronaldo (who the girl in question is a huge fan of).

The Portuguese star is often called 'arrogant' but showed his more likeable side by telling the daughter: "I have followed your story, and one thing I will say from the bottom of my heart is that all people should learn to forgive; since life is so short, things are so much better if you forgive.

"I think you should forgive your mother, because life is so short and forgiving her will make you both so much happier."

The daughter, clearly overawed at what her mother had arranged, did agree to forgive her, but Ronaldo's generosity did not end there as he also gave the daughter a signed football and a necklace.

World of Sport never misses an opportunity to have a pop at Ronaldo but on this occasion it salutes him.

Maybe he's not so arrogant after all.

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