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Runaway golf cart ploughs through crowd

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The Texas State Championship 5A final match descended into chaos at the weekend as a runaway golf cart wreaked havoc.

Confusion reigned over the events at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, but it appears that a block had lodged itself over the accelerator pedal of the unmanned golf cart as it came on to the pitch, leaving the bewildered driver in a panic.

Spring Dekaney coach Willie Amendola, who was giving an interview after winning the game, was one of several people struck by the cart, and found himself thrown into the driver's seat, from where he tried his best to steer it out of harm's way.

He too fell out of the cart, but a field worker managed to jump in, remove the block and bring the runaway vehicle to a standstill.

What caused the incident remains unclear, but fortunately the injuries ended up being relatively minor, with just one person taken to hospital with a leg injury.

Watch the extraordinary incident here:

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