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Ski jumper’s crash caught on head-cam

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Ski Jumping crashes happen all the time – just ask Eddie 'the Eagle' Edwards – but it is rare you get such a bird's eye view of the action.

Jurij Tepes of Slovenia was the unlucky man who took a tumble while qualifying for his home event in Planica and amazing footage emerged of the incident as Tepes was wearing a camera on his helmet at the time.

A gust of wind saw Tepes lose control and a scary crash was the result.

Luckily he walked away unharmed and even managed to qualify for the main event with his next jump.

It is not the first time this year we have reported a ski jump that went wrong here in World of Sport.

In January we brought you the video of Japan's Daiki Ito as he lost balance before even making his planned descent in Sapporo, plunging him dangerously down the hill.

It seems like bad things happen at your home ski jumping event.

Good thing for Eddie The Eagle they never had a World Cup ski jumping event in Cheltenham so.

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