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Smooth young fan shows how to impress a pretty girl – but there’s more than one ‘catch’

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We suspect this kid will have little trouble impressing the ladies when he is older.

At a recent MLB game between the Texas Rangers and the Toronto Blue Jays this young baseball  fan casually caught a ball without breaking sweat.

Did he treasure the souvenir and show it off to his spotty friends in school the next day like most young teenagers would?

No, no, this kid was far too smooth for such nerdy nonsense.

Instead he straight away gave it to the pretty girl behind him with a knowing glance.

Or... did he?

Watch the video above carefully and you'll notice that the crafty little man already had a baseball in his other hand upon catching the game ball.

He then fakes retrieving the genuine article from his mitt and offers it to the lady.

Of course, the gesture is still a very nice one regardless, but that was clever.

She might be a little too old for him but give it a few years... provided of course she remains completely oblivious to what actually happened.

Unfortunately, with this going viral, whoever caught the moment on camera may well have ruined the young cad's chances.

Men, eh ladies?

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Regardless, the boy still shows up these men very badly...

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