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Son surprises his tearful mum with Super Bowl tickets

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Here's how to be a good son: call your mum. Tell her you love her. Then when her favourite team makes it to the 'biggest sporting show on Earth', do whatever you can to get her tickets.

Above is a wonderful video which was posted by Mike Harris, who surprised his Seattle Seahawks-supporting mother with tickets to the Super Bowl.

There's no gimmick here, no surprise guest, no "it's all fake so let's just laugh at them" twist. Just a mother overwhelmed with happiness, and in our jaded, cynical world, that's not the worst thing to see every now and then.

According to Mike, his mum has been a Seahawks fan since the 1970s. She was unable to welcome the Seahawks back to Seattle after a huge 1984 play-off game because she was pregnant with young Mike. So this is how he has made it up to her.

Flash forward three decades, and Mike takes advantage of lower ticket prices to get her to see her beloved Seahawks in person.

"Thirty years after she skipped their welcome home for my sake, I was able to return the favour in the biggest way I could ever think of," Mike wrote on YouTube.

"I'm excited to go see the game, but there was nothing more meaningful than to see my mom's reaction that I've shared in the video."

Well done, Mike, you have managed to make your mum very happy indeed.

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